SCALEO Medical, a company of the PRAXIS HealthCare Group

Our goal is to build a successful and high technology company in the medical field, providing the best care and effective product solutions for the nursing staff and the patients.

SCALEO Medical invents, develops and manufactures innovative products in the fields of patient transfer and hygiene, respiratory and medical weighing equipments.

We are committed to helping our patients by developing safer and more effective products for more specialized care.
We want to highlight quality products and references that will convince by their efficiency and reliability.
We are committed to putting all our knowledge and our energy to work for reduced mobility or respiratory failure patients, to help them improve their lives and living conditions.

Together we build the future.

High certifications


English Pour ce faire, notre société a obtenu les plus hautes certifications
 - ISO 9001, norme internationalement reconnue pour la gestion de la qualité
 - ISO 13485, norme indispensable pour un système de gestion de la qualité, pour développer et fabriquer les dispositifs médicaux de classe 2 et 3, conformes aux exigences des clients et aux exigences réglementaires applicables aux dispositifs médicaux et aux services connexes.